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College Admissions Consulting

Find the right fit, gain a competitive edge, and attend your dream school

The admissions process can be a confusing, daunting experience for students and parents. High school counselors can be in charge of anywhere from 250 to over 500 students. In fact, the national average of student-to-counselor ratio is 1:464. These counselors are limited in their availability, and at times, are limited in the amount of time they can spend on college advising. That's why Mindful Life Systems can give your student an elite edge in the ever-competitive college admissions process. Other college admissions consulting services charge exorbitant prices (sometimes well over $600 an hour) for services that not all students need. We offer an affordable, custom plan for your student to help them gain admission to their dream schools and find the perfect fit. Mindful Life Systems prioritizes making the college selection and admissions process as stress-free as possible. We offer 1-on-1 services to help students navigate what different schools can offer: majors, athletics, activities, internships, career counseling, and much more.

As a licensed English teacher and college admissions mentor who has worked for multiple college preparatory high schools, I have worked with hundreds of students and helped them prepare for the college admissions process. I have worked with students who have been admitted to the likes of Yale, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Princeton, and University of Chicago, and I am well versed in what type of candidates universities are looking for. Our mission is to help students find a school that fits their academic, social, and personal goals. Just as each student is unique, each university is unique. We want to help your student find the perfect match.


Designing an individualized plan

Each student is unique, and the approach for college admissions should be the same. We design an individualized plan for each unique student to help them become the most competitive college applicant that they can be. We also customize a college search to help students find the right school. Students can begin this process at any time, and based on your student's year in high school, we will create a timeline and plan for important deadlines within the application process. We will also work with students to help them identify areas to improve their academic and extracurricular profile and create a list of universities based on interests and aspirations. Packages offer comprehensive assistance, guidance, and support with the college admissions process. We also offer a la carte services and pricing for specific help related to the college process (please contact us for more details).


* Academic and extracurricular profile advice

* Comprehensive college search and list that         reflects interests, academic and personal           goals, and personality

* Expert college essay planning, strategizing,       and editing

* A standardized testing plan, highlighting           areas for improvement, key dates, strategies       and resources

* Advice, and support with scholarship                 applications 


* Application and supplemental essay support

* Interviewing practice, strategies, and advice

* Letters of recommendation advice -- who to       ask, when to ask

* Advice related to highlighting strengths and       marketability to universities -- helping you           highlight your best attributes

* High school course selection advising

* Scholarship search 


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