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I've had the privilege of knowing Matthew for the past four years. During that time, he has been an exceptional mentor to me. His attention to detail, kindness, and willingness to share his own experiences and sage advice in response to the challenges I have faced are all qualities I have grown from and admired. Our conversations have helped me grow immensely, both personally and professionally. Matthew's presence in my life has had a lasting impact, and his constant support has been invaluable.

-Chloe R. (former client)

As an educator and mentor, Matthew is unsurpassed. Matthew has a talent for conveying ideas and leading discussions using a common sense, practical approach that enable his students and clients to fully comprehend complicated ideas, advanced writing techniques, and esoteric concepts. As a result of Matt’s commitment to education, his students and clients thrive and excel beyond their expectations, earning the highest AP Literature and AP Language test scores and exceling on the reading comprehension and grammar portions of the ACT and SAT. In addition to teaching, Matt’s role as a coach provides him with more personal knowledge of the challenges students face both in and out of the classroom. Matt integrates this knowledge and compassion into his techniques, which his students and clients recognize and respond to in a positive manner. His accessibility and genuine concern for the welfare of his students and clients make him an approachable and relatable individual who students and clients trust and rely upon as a sounding board and sage advisor. Matthew's skills as an educator have been the underpinning for the academic and personal successes of thousands of young people.

-Elizabeth C. (parent of two former students)

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