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Packages & Rates - Writing Coaching

Writing Coaching Package - $500

The writing coaching package includes five 1-hour writing coaching sessions, as well as a writing strengths and weaknesses analysis of current writing. 

College Essay Coaching Package - $500

The college essay coaching package includes an initial 1-hour planning and strategy session to discuss potential topics and plan a strategy to write a compelling college essay. We will also discuss the pros and cons of sample essays to give you a complete understanding of how to craft a successful essay. From there, you will write your essay at your own pace - email support will be provided should you have questions or become stuck. Next comes a 1-hour video follow up session where we discuss the essay you crafted. You will receive detailed notes and feedback during this session. Lasty, we will meet for a final session to go over your edits and discuss any questions you may have. 

Writing Coaching Session - $125

Writing coaching sessions are 45 minutes to 1-hour sessions tailored to specific assignments or goals. Sessions could cover grammar and style practice, organization strategies, effective development of analysis and explanation, or other writing skills. Do you have an essay that needs fine tuning before submission? Schedule a session to go over the essay and get expert feedback and real-time support.

***The Process*** After a consult, you will submit your working or finished draft. Prior to our session, we will assess the draft for issues with style, grammar, organization, evidence and support, and underdevelopment. During our session, we will discuss the comments and strategies to improve your draft. 

Note: Some essays/drafts may require more than one session. Various factors such as length, errors, and essay type will determine time needed. An estimate will be given within 48 hours after the consult. 

Editing Session - Cost varies depending on length and scope of essay - estimate given after consultation

Editing sessions will be 45 minutes to 1-hour sessions to go over edits and suggestions. Essay will be reviewed for style, grammar, and content. 


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