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Writing with Pen

Writing Coaching Session

Develop Your Voice

As a licensed English instructor with over ten years of professional experience, I have worked with countless students to improve and develop their writing. Whether you are looking to improve scores on the writing portion of the ACT or SAT, fine-tune a research essay, develop current essays, or improve stylistically, my proven strategies and techniques will drastically improve your ability and efficiency. I want you to leave these sessions feeling confident in new writing strategies and being able to apply these skills in your future essays. Most sessions typically last 1-hour. College essay writing sessions will be 1.5-hours.


Sample session 1 - Dave needs help with his college essay


After a FREE 20-minute consult, Dave mentions wanting to write an essay that will be competitive in the admissions process. Dave and I schedule a 30-minute session to discuss effective strategies to employ when writing the college essay. Dave leaves with an understanding of what to include and what to avoid when writing the college essay. We schedule an hour-long follow-up session. Prior to meeting, Dave submits his essay. I review the essay and provide feedback that covers voice, tone, style, content, and any other components that need development. During our hour-long session, Dave and I go through my comments and make necessary changes. If additional support is needed, Dave schedules a second hour-long session. 

Sample session 2 - Erika's essays lack support and contain grammar errors


After a FREE 20-minute consult, Erika schedules a 1-hour writing coaching session. Prior to the meeting, Erika sends a recent, graded writing sample. I review the sample prior to our meeting and develop a unique plan related to Erika's areas for improvement. We go through her essay and review grammar strategies and even complete some sample sentences. I provide Erika with some resources to improve her grammar skills. We then shift to providing support and fully developing the claims in her essay. We discuss strategies to employ for future essays. If there is remaining time, I work collaboratively with Erika on her current writing assignment.

Editing Session

Expert Editing Support

For over fifteen years, I have been providing students with an expert editing experience. I have worked with countless high school, college, and graduate students and provided in-depth edits covering style, grammar, and content. Regardless of the length of your essay or your ability as a writer, I will provide you with feedback and edits to improve your writing. Click below to schedule a free consultation! 

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